Mobile Spa* Home /Hotel $600

We bring the it all! Mani, Pedi w/spa tubs (pink), Facial & Make Up Glam Box, Candy Buffet w/Tiara & Goody bags (no travel fee within DMV) 8-10 Girls _We set up and clean up :) 2hrs

Single Services

Mani $13        Pedi $16   Facial $8  Make Up $7    Facial $8   Slime $10 Make Lipgloss $8   Bath Bomb $8  Jelly Pedi *disappear $26

Candy Bar Visit $5  Mermaid Dress $20

Princess Dress $15   Princess Box $9

Mermaid Hair $12   Color Braid $25

*One Day Summer Camp $65

Perfume (make own) $10

We Love Our Ladybugs!

Thank you for thinking of us! We hope to see you soon! We are here to answer any questions and make special requests easy for you. Please call us if we can help in any way 301-257-4045.